Starting our Online Tea Shop and Documenting our Journey



Wow – we are so excited to kick off this chapter in our lives. The chapter where we take on way too much responsibility and set lofty goals on top of trying to raise a family and maintain balance. We have talked for as long as we’ve known each other about starting our own businesses and dedicating our free time to something we love.

For years I’ve dreamed about opening up a brick and mortar tea shop with saltwater aquariums built into the walls. Nicole has come alongside my vision, and turned it into our vision, offering her own brilliant ideas. We’ll share greater detail of our dreams in future posts. For now, let’s stick to the present.

We determined this dream won’t materialize instantly due to the sheer cost and time consumption of raising two young children.  Recently however, we realized there was a third glaring reason this business couldn’t exist today – We have no business running a Tea Lounge. Shocker, I know. Despite a fair amount of experience between the two of us in the working world, starting and operating a physical retail and food/beverage service business is an entirely different animal.

Financial capability and the priorities of raising children will likely diminish or even completely vanish with the passing of time. This third reason, lack of experience, will never recede unless we actively do something about it.

Cue the beginning of our journey. We are going to start an online tea business! By starting an online tea shop from home, we can learn more about what it means to grow and operate a business together. Consequently, we also hope to learn much more about tea in the process, and maybe even build some capital.  We might still have no business running a tea lounge in a few years, but at least we will have laid the framework to be able to navigate challenges in business together.

If you’ve read this far, I’m sincerely grateful. We’ve got a lot of great ideas for documenting our journey and building our brand. If you follow along, we’d be thrilled to share them with you. This won’t be a quick, or always entertaining adventure, but it’s our lives, and we are excited for what they may hold!

Thanks for following,

Matthew and Nicole Underbrink

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