Hunkering down for the damp season


This summer has been an absolute whirlwind. We’ve been traveling, hiking, camping, and so much more on top of our regular schedule. We’ve grown fully accustomed to our now five month old daughter joining the family, and Nicole started colleges courses in pursuit of a meaningful career. The tea business has not completely fallen by the wayside. Work has continued on the side, updating a product listing, getting a logo drafted, and more. We placed the orders through our distributors for our first tea inventory and are preparing to launch sometime next week, after one last summer trip.

This journey to launch has been slower than we would’ve anticipated. However, we are not dismayed by our slow progress. Instead we acknowledge and appreciate that we only get a few months of Seattle summer, and that enjoying that time with our family is crucial to getting through the upcoming damp fall, winter, and spring seasons. There is also an anxious anticipation on my part, starting a retail business, online or otherwise, is making a commitment to your customers. An unspoken promise that you will be available to answer questions, fulfill orders, and operate the business faithfully and with integrity. The unknown of what that may bring is both daunting and exciting. I was hesitant to jump into more responsibility while in the midst of so many other changes.

Once our product arrives and the site is launched, we will be shifting our focus from startup activities to more practical operational tasks. Determining how to best fulfill orders, adjusting pricing and margins, and of course creating content through documenting our journey. I’m looking forward to an extremely busy nine months of focus and calibration. Hopefully by the time next summer rolls around, we will have the basics on autopilot, and can enjoy some next years sunshine as well.

More updates next week!


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