About Us


Hey – Thanks for coming to our website! We are Matthew and Nicole Underbrink. We live in the Greater Seattle Area and have two beautiful daughters, Makaila and November.

For awhile now, we have dreamed of opening our own brick and mortar tea lounge. But we want it to be more than just a great cup of tea, we want to make it an incredible experience for everyone that visits.  To accomplish this we plan on putting several thousand gallons of saltwater aquariums into the walls of the tea lounge.

Since 14, Matthew has been obsessed with Saltwater Aquariums, and the ability cultivate your own piece of the ocean within the confines of your home. Unfortunately, it can be an expensive and time consuming hobby, and many people don’t have the resources to participate. Public Aquariums are fantastic, but tickets can be pricey, and it’s not exactly convenient to take an hour or more out of your day to visit your local aquarium.

By incorporating aquariums into our dream lounge, we hope to be able be able to bring the joy of the ocean and it’s fascinating life to all of our patrons while they enjoy a hot cup of tea. But it doesn’t stop there – we also want to serve coffee if tea isn’t your thing, delicious food options, and beer and wine in the evenings.  We hope to build something amazing – and if it’s well-liked and successful – more than one!

There are probably several million steps between where we are now and opening this dream business. This website is dedicated to documenting our journey to get there. We estimate with our current jobs, raising a family, and everything else it could be ten years before we are ready to open our first location. Fortunately we are young – and we know you don’t accomplish your dreams overnight!

You can support us just by following along and leaving the occasional comment here or on our social media. To support our dream financially, you can purchase tea and other products from our online teashop.

Thanks for following along!